Brian Tarpey

President, Tarpey Group

Life to the fullest.

As a business executive and President of Tarpey Group, I’m passionately committed to helping people live fuller, richer lives.

My Values
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Guiding Values

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Living is a message. What's yours?

My message is one of empathy, understanding and empowerment. As the driving force behind Tarpey Group, I empower our team to bring these four messages to everyone we serve. More than the simple sum of products and services, my goal and theirs is to best prepare people to confidently face and successfully overcome life’s challenges.

There’s more to getting there than knowing there’s a road.

There are always bumps. Many are unseen. Some can be devastating. I believe in being well prepared for the eventualities. I also believe in having truthful, candid discussions about the reality of dealing with them. To me, this process is one of the highest forms of concern and caring I can demonstrate to my clients.

Remember, the road to your success is always under construction.

Personally speaking, I’m on a lifelong mission of learning, and on a never-ending road to improve myself and my relationships with colleagues, clients, family and friends. Through a relentless application of character and integrity in my dealings with them, I’ve discovered that the benefits they experience and the ways that their lives are improved through my efforts can be immeasurable.

Opportunities to help others surround us every day.

There’s little that I value more highly than the relationships in my life. Being connected to people, overcoming challenges and sharing successes keeps me both energized and focused on the amazing things we can all achieve when working together to accomplish our goals.

Business Leadership

Leadership can be defined in many ways,
but to me it’s not only about having an ambitious vision and setting out to achieve it on a grand scale. I believe, that today’s and tomorrow’s leaders must also be coaches, teachers and guides. Someone who knows how to lead from the front, the side and, whenever appropriate, from behind. I also believe that listening can be as powerful a leadership tool as speaking.

Contributing my leadership qualities “punch list”
are inspiring individuals like Og Mandino, who taught me the importance of vulnerability and the power of storytelling, and Tony Robbins, from whom I’ve come to appreciate the importance of goal setting and the power of creating a compelling future.

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It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

~ Abraham Lincoln
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One of the most rewarding aspects of my life is donating time and financial resources in support of charitable causes. Most importantly, I believe in walking the walk and talking the talk. MDRT Foundation, of which I’m currently serving as President, generously gives to charities from around the globe, providing grants in excess of $1,500,000.

I also participate in a number of educational organizations that charitably serve colleges, universities and special needs children nationally. On a more local level, my fundraising efforts are well on their way to reaching a goal of giving $1,000,000 to the Special Needs Schools in my home state of New Jersey.

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Life is understood backwards, but you’ve got to live it forwards.

~ Brian Tarpey
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Million Dollar Roundtable

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I recently received the high honor of being elected as the 2019-20 President of the Million Dollar Roundtable Foundation, a $25,000,000 charitable foundation arm of the Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT), the premier association of financial professionals.

As a long-standing member, I’ve been awarded 14 “Top of the Table” honors by The Million Dollar Roundtable. Top of the Table is an exclusive forum for the world’s most successful life insurance and financial services professionals. Top of the Table members are committed to providing exemplary client service while displaying the highest standards of ethics and professional knowledge and have met qualifications far in excess of those required for MDRT membership.


Known for his expressive, down-to-earth approach to connecting with audiences, Brian’s presentations are a stimulating blend of motivation, inspiration and personal storytelling.

Contact Brian today to schedule a speaking engagement for your organization.

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Tarpey Group has been providing a wide array of employee benefit services and solutions for nearly two decades. Believing that modern organizations deserve a different approach for what it means to deliver a truly great employee experience, the Tarpey Group’s innovative program offerings are fueled by each client’s unique set of needs, and designed specifically to be a growth catalyst for organizations.

Utilizing a proven service lifecycle with a personal touch, Tarpey Group team continually assesses business requirements, goals and risks to meet evolving needs, delivering solutions that grow with each organization. Clients experience peace of mind knowing that a trusted advisor is handling everything needed to protect their business and provide a stellar employee experience.

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Speaking Engagements: Contact Brian to schedule a speaking engagement for your organization.

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